Rabbit Run: Coelho Winery

Coelho Winery is a family-owned and operated outfit in the tiny town of Amity, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Coelho – which means ‘rabbit’ in Portuguese – draws on the family’s Portuguese heritage to make exceptional, unique wines.

Women in Wine: Ana Mendez Gil

Versatus, evokes the heft of wedding silver and the delicacy of crystal goblets. This masterpiece is the handiwork of third-generation wine-maker Ana Mendez Gil of Genus De Vinum, in Ourense, Galicia.

Vinelands: Casa Los Frailes

In 1771, Maria Jose Velazquez’s ancestor bought at auction the house and property in the vall d’Albaida that, 200 years later, became Casa Los Frailes. Before Carlos III stamped them out, Jesuit friars (‘frailes’) lived in this small valley not far from the Mediterranean coast, tended vineyards, made wine and stored it in clay amphorae, tall as coffins, sunk into the cool earth in the low-beamed cellar.

The New Old School: Illahe Vineyards

Typewriters are by no means rare in Oregon. The Smith-Corona in the Illahe Vineyards office is not, however, a hipster accessory. Nor is the chalkboard where someone has scrawled: “Buy more chalk”. Or the phonograph and four-foot high wooden speakers bookending crates of classic rock LPs in the corner of the warehouse.

Left Coast Estate Then and Now

With its woods, bees, flowers, ponds, grasslands and vineyards, the estate would be a bucolic fantasy, if it weren’t real. The adjacent farm Left Coast bought weaves another thread into the tapestry: “It’s one of the original Oregon Trail properties,” Pfaff says.

A Wine Lover’s Education

Some people are subject to the tidal pull of music and/or wine. There are folks who can leave the radio playing in the background forever without listening, or drink a glass or two of wine, here and there, for a lifetime without curiosity. Then there are those for whom a note or flavor strikes a chord.