Vinediction September Reading List

A new full time job involving middle school kids is never going to augment one’s spare time. Hence a rather briefer literary roundup for Vinediction in September. Also, more cow photos.

When Stones Speak’ by Alder Yarrow on Vinography

 “I am a sucker for wines that taste like liquid stone. And few wines in the world manage to taste and smell more like pulverized stone than these, which are unquestionably among the very best that are produced in the little region of France known as the Savoie.”

‘Augustin Traperon on What it Takes to be a Top Sommelier’ by Richard Siddle on The Buyer

“Q: What do you think sommeliers spend too much of their time on which is not that important?

A: Egos, time is precious nowadays, so don’t waste it on justifying your professional decisions or actions. Just focus on what you believe in and be less interested in what others say and enjoy what you do.”

Burgundy – A Brief History’ on Fine Wine Experts

Since I’ve been slumming it in Burgundy, it seemed like a good time to learn more about the wine region than thus far absorbed in my WSET course and compulsive label reading. This article is a flying overview of centuries of history, including a stop at 312 AD when the local winegrowers complained to the Emperor Constantine about excessive taxes. Nice to know some things never change?

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