Philly Cheesesteak + Cab Sauv

Recommendation + text: Lou Munday

The exquisitely acidic pairing of fish and chips with fizz is well-known, but a toasted steak and cheese sandwich with a nice robust red is – in my opinion – a much better match. And there’s science behind the flavours. A study conducted in 2016 by The Journal of Food Science concluded that a red wine’s astringency – activated by your saliva mixing with the polyphenols abundant in reds – can be counteracted by the fat in cheese, giving your taste buds better access to the individual notes of your vino. And the proteins in red meat do the same with the tannins in reds, smoothing the opposing sensations and ‘lubricating’ the palate.

I like a Cabernet Sauvignon with my faux-Philly Cheesesteak. The Victorian by Aussie vintner Sam Plunkett
is one of my go-to’s.
Full-bodied with hints of smoke and spice, this jammy delight is perfect for effortless kitchen dining, particularly when you add a bit of mustard to the bread.

Top tip: if you wanna be fancy, add a light grating of salty Pecorino Romano inside the hoagie and brush melted butter on the outside to ensure a rich, golden colour. But to be perfectly honest, as long as the meat is hot, the cheese melted, and the bread crispy, you won’t be disappointed.

Visit: Wine By Sam

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